EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review


Water heaters are one of those important things that we often forget about. That is, unless it is on the fritz. When it comes time to replace your water heater, you are faced with tons of choices and a lot of confusing numbers and terms that can leave you lost and frustrated. This is an expensive purchase for your home, so you want to ensure that you are making an educated and good choice when you spend this kind of money.So where do you turn?

In this guide, we will be reviewing the EcoSmart Eco 27 electric tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters are an excellent investment for your home and something you should consider if you need to replace your current system. With a tankless system, you save space, reduce energy consumption, all without sacrificing water temperature or pressure. Why not go the environment-friendly route when it also leads to utility savings that can be pretty significant?

Things to consider when buying a tankless water heater

When you purchase a tankless water heater, there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration when making your ultimate choice. First, you will need to consider the main source of power for your home. Do you power your home via electricity or natural gas? This will determine what type of water heaters you should start looking at.

You will also want to consider your hot water needs so as to get the right amount of heating power for your family’s basic consumption. It is recommended that you make a list of all the appliances that require hot water and take a bit of time to search the internet for the average flow rate required for each item. You can then add up all the rates and this will give you an idea of how high of a flow rate you will need to meet your needs.

You should also note that it is highly recommended that you have your tankless system installed by a professional because this systemis a lot more complicated than a traditional water heater and the installation process may require some electrical or plumbing work to modify your home. It can be complicated and dangerous, and requires advanced skill that a lot of us just don’t have. It often ends up being safer and cheaper to have a professional install your system and they are liable for any problems that may result, not you.

EcoSmart is a trusted and reputable manufacturer that is known for making well-designed, affordable, and cutting-edge home appliances. The ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater is a powerful tankless water heater that can provide the flow and water heating capacity that most average households require.

It is an affordable system that provides your family with hot, on-demand water, without all the waste and inefficiency of a traditional water heater. In addition to the affordable price tag, the system can also save you up to half on your water heating costs, which further allows the system to pay for itself again and again.

The system is constructed from copper and stainless steel components which are durable, as well as inexpensive and easy to replace, and that also aid in the efficient performance. It takes up a fraction of the space that a traditional water heater requires, giving you more room in your utility room.

It was designed to work well even in cold climates, and it is perfectly suited for heavy-duty usage, making it a good choice for families that use a lot of hot water. It has a digital temperature control panel that allows you to set your water temperature to your wants and needs.

As with all tankless water heaters, you will want to ensure that your home wiring and plumbing are suitable for the new system.


A high-quality electric tankless water heater like the ECO 27 we reviewed here is agreat option for those who need to replace their water heater and want to choose a more cost-effective and efficient system. With a tankless system, you have on-demand hot water that is only heated when you need it, rather than keeping a huge tank full of hot water at all times. This reduces the amount of energy you use to heat your water, without any sacrifice in temperature, water pressure, or quality.

EcoSmart ECO 27

EcoSmart ECO 27


8.0 /10


6.0 /10


  • precise temperature control
  • compact size
  • self-modulating technology for greater efficiency


  • limited performance in cold climates
  • actual flow rates often less than advertised

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